Office partitions and other details for your Kingston upon Thames fit out

Our team at The Commercial Interior Company Ltd is committed to helping you create a safe and comfortable working environment for your team through our excellent office fit out service. Taking into account your preferences, requirements, health and safety laws and even details such as your existing office furniture, we can design and install your ideal office fit out in Kingston upon Thames, Guildford, Middlesex, Kent, London, 
Croydon and Surrey.
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Creating office partitions

With The Commercial Interior Company Ltd, you can divide your workspace however you see fit, from simple glass room dividers to more complex office partitions featuring work walls. Whether you need to separate departments or create meeting rooms, we have the right products to suit your needs.

Before any office partitioning is installed, we will undertake a full site survey, taking into consideration health and safety, aesthetics, space available, existing office furniture and layout requirements as well as listening to you. 

Together we will then discuss the work that needs to be done and whether we foresee any potential problems, enabling us to provide you with a quick and efficient service once your office fit out begins. 

You can choose from the following office partitions:
  • Solid fixed partitions
  • Demountable partitions
  • Single glazed silicone jointed or framed glass partitions
  • Double glazed silicone jointed or framed glass partitions
  • Folding partitions
  • Sliding partitions
  • Sound transmission reducing partitions
  • Fire-rated partitions
  • Storewalls
  • Glass door

Choosing suspended ceilings

There are many practical advantages to installing suspended ceilings such as improving the acoustics of the office, lowering heating costs, providing an area to hide piping and electrical cables, and covering up high ceilings. Suspended ceilings can also allow you to choose the aesthetic you prefer for your office in Kingston upon Thames, Guildford, Middlesex, Kent, London, Croydon and Surrey. With our great office fit out services, you can also choose which ceiling tiles and suspended ceiling lights you'd like, allowing you greater flexibility. 

Comfortable temperatures year round

At The Commercial Interior Company Ltd, we know that getting the right temperature in a commercial environment is far more difficult than at home. Therefore, getting a right balance all year round with the right mixture of heating and office air conditioning requires expertise and experience. Using state of the art office heating systems and air vent systems, we'll create a comfortable and safe environment to ensure maximum staff efficiency.

Before starting any project, we'll make sure we have collated as much relevant information as possible, such as the amount of staff in the building and the heat output of the hardware being used. This will enable us to get the job right first time and save you money. If you have a comms room, it is important to maintain a stable temperature to ensure the good performance of your systems. We can calculate the levels of cooling required and design a system to ensure optimal conditions.

Practical electrical solutions for your office

Whether you're fitting out a new office, undertaking a refurbishment or needing to upgrade your office power supply, we can help with all your electrical requirements. From new communication rooms to adding extra data storage and data cabling, we'll find practical solutions so you can get the most from your systems. You'll also be able to choose your office lighting design including indirect lighting or desk lamps.

At The Commercial Interior Company Ltd, we are committed to helping you reduce the environmental impact of your workplace, so we will take energy efficiency into account when carrying out your project in Kingston upon Thames, Guildford, Middlesex, Kent, London, Croydon and Surrey.
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